Saturday, December 28, 2013

{Traveling & StyleSpotter App}

For Christmas this year, I received this Louis Vuitton vintage duffle bag that used to be my Grandmas. I was so beyond thrilled and excited because it will be the perfect bag for traveling next year when I go off to college. I put this outfit together because I think it is a perfect outfit for traveling. It's super cute, yet comfy if you are going to be driving or flying for a long period of time. I love this field jacket from J.Crew because it is very versatile. 

Jacket: J.Crew //
Jeans: Juicy Couture //
Shoes: Jack Rodgers //
Duffle Bag: Louis Vuitton //
Necklace: J.Crew // 

Today I am very excited to introduce you all to my favorite new fashion app. I had to opportunity to test StyleSpotter out before their launch in the app store. Can I just say how much I love this app! StyleSpotter is an app for the iPad where you can make a personal profile, save pieces that you like, and create collections from the pieces you save. It is the perfect app for all fashionistas that love to shop, and search for clothing pieces. You can browse clothing, shoes, and handbags from all different designers and retailers all in one spot! Its so convenient and easy to use. With StyleSpotter you can follow your favorite fashion bloggers to see what they are currently craving. Also you can purchase the items right from the app (how perfect)! One of my favorite features is that the app notifies you when there is a price drop in one of the pieces you like. Who doesn't love a sale?! With my Senior Prom approaching, this app is the perfect way for me to search for my dream dress!

Make sure to download StyleSpotter in the app store for free, and then make sure to follow me, Madisonlane7 to see my current favorites!

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  1. This bag is absolutely to die for! I dream about owning a Louis duffle one day! Happy New Year!