Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 was the year of...

I saw Sarahbelle93x do a video of this on youtube, and I loved it. I thought I would do the same thing, but as a blog post! She said 13 things that were her favorite for 2013, whether it was fashion, makeup, music, or people. Lets begin!

< 2013 was the year of J.Crew Chino Shorts >

This year I completely became obsessed with J.Crew Chino shorts! They are my absolute favorite shorts, and I have them in at least 10 different colors!

< 2013 was the year of Aviator Ray Bans >

I got these sunglasses before spring break, and I have seriously worn them almost every single day! I don't wear any other sunglasses, and these have become one of my staple pieces.

<2013 was the year of Statement Necklaces >

Statement Necklaces were my favorite way of accessorizing this year! They are the perfect way to turn a plain outfit, into something greater! Whenever I was shopping, or going out, I would always get compliments on my statement necklaces.

< 2013 was the year of Bold Lips >

I have never been a lipstick person, but this year my favorite thing has been sporting a bold lip! I started from owning 2 lipsticks, to now 20 different lipsticks!

< 2013 was the year of Arm Candy >

This year I was obsessed with arm candy, and stacking bracelets with my Michael Kors watch! My favorite bracelets to stack with my watch were my Pave bracelet from J.Crew, and my cheetah bangle which was also from J.Crew!

< 2013 was the year of Curling my hair >

To be honest, I would straighten my hair almost every day! I would never curl it, because I didn't think my hair could curl. It wasn't until this year where I realized that my hair actually holds a really good curl! Now I prefer my hair when its curled!

< 2013 was the year of Eye Shadow Palettes >

I LOVE makeup, but this year I have been more into eyeshadow. I started off with the Naked 1 palette in 2012, but this year I also got the Lorac Pro Palette & the Naked 3 palette! I think its good to invest in these palettes because they last me a long time, and they are so easy to travel with and have an array of shadows for any occasion!

< 2013 was the year of New Music >

So many artists came out with new albums this year. I also discovered many new artistis that have become my favorite! My favorites include: Miley Cyrus, One Direction, The Civil Wars, Justin Timberlake, One Republic, and The Fray!

< 2013 was the year of Instagram >

This year I made a fashion Instagram that first started off with me posting OOTD, and pictures of my arm candy. But once I got 1,000 followers, I decided to make a fashion blog! If I am on my phone, I am most likely on Instagram! It is my obsession, and now I almost have 3,000 followers, which is crazy!

<2013 was the year of Blogging >

Blogging has seriously taken over my life! I have always read fashion blogs like The Pink Peonies, or Atlantic Pacific, but never have I thought to make one of my own! I have gotten so many opportunities from blogging. I have been sent Jewelry from companies like Wild Butterfly Boutique, and Bangled. I am an Elite User for the app StyleSpotter, and now I am apart of Reward Style!

< 2013 was the year of Beauty YouTube >

I have been watching beauty videos for awhile now, but I have been more obsessed with them this year! They give me so much inspiration, and I just love watching all of their videos! Some of my favorites are, Sarahbelle93x, Meghanrosette, and Lovelaurenelizabeth!

< 2013 was the year of Tennis >

I have always played softball year round, but now that I stopped until College, I had to find a new hobby! I play tennis almost every other day with one of my best friends! It is such a fun sport to play, and I'm not the best at it, but it is a great way to get outside and do something active!

< 2013 was the year of Getting a College Scholarship to play softball >

I have been playing softball since I was 8 years old, in the hope of getting a scholarship to play in college! This year I have officially accomplished my dream! I got offered from two different schools, and they were from two COMPLETELY different locations! One down in Boca Raton, and one in New Hampshire! Was I going to be sitting in hammocks by the water, or walking to class in the snow? It was a very difficult decision, but Boca Raton is where I belong! I cannot wait to attend College next year!

2013 was a great year, and I cannot wait to see what 2014 (my graduating year) has in store for me! Thank you all for all the support, and following my blog!

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  1. I'm literally listening to this video when I spotted this post on my bloglovin' feed! I love this version of 2013 favourites :)