Tuesday, August 26, 2014

{ My Dorm Room }

Yay! I am officially in college! I wanted to share with y'all pictures for my dorm room (while it is still clean). I am really happy with the way my desk, bed, and closet turned out! I turned my desk into a combination of a vanity with all my makeup, and a desk for my agenda, notebooks, and binders. I bought this really nifty closet hook that has two rows of rods to create more space in my closet, that I used for bags, hats, and jewelry. I so thankful that I actually have a walk in closet, and my own bathroom! In my room, I went for a navy, pink, white, and gold color scheme with bedding from PB teen! Hope you all enjoy getting a closer look at my new home!

I also want to say that I might not be posting as much on my blog/instagram for the first couple of weeks of school since I am still trying to get adjusted to everything! But don't worry, it is only temporarily!

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  1. Hey! i was wondering where your purchased your navy blue and white bedding from! thanks!