Monday, December 8, 2014

{My experience} Saks 5th Ave Fashion Show

One of my models I dressed in an Oscar De La Renta Gown

This is my other model to the far right in this black and gold Oscar De La Renta gown

One of the most stressful but exciting things I have ever done is work behind the scenes dressing models at fashion shows! I am lucky enough that my universities fashion program allows us with the most amazing opportunities to work these fashion shows. This was my first "major" fashion show I had to work, and it was for Saks 5th Ave, and I was dressing models in Oscar De La Renta ball gowns and Jimmy Choo heels. 

There were 12 models at this show, and only 4 other students from my school showed up to dress models (including me). We arrived at the Palm Beach Country Club, and walk into a back room filled with all the models trying on their outfits. My teacher told us that we all had to dress two models! The last fashion show I worked at for Lord + Taylor was stressful enough and I had one model and 3 oufit changes. This time I had 2 models, each with 6 outfit changes! Not to mention, they were wearing gowns with corsets, millions of claps, and zippers! It was definitely a daunting task, but I knew I could do it! Once the show started it was so hectic, but I loved every minute of it. 

On Wednesday I am working another Saks fashion show on Worth Ave in Palm Beach and it is supposed to be a huge show, so I will definitely post pictures after working that! 

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  1. This is so Exciting! Cannot wait for more pics of the next fashion show that you work!