Monday, April 13, 2015

{insta lately & where have I been?}

top // shorts // watch // glasses // 

top // shorts (similar) // glasses // 

My view for dinner after taking blog pictures. Only 10 minutes from campus! 

shirt // shorts (forever 21) // purse (Kate Spade old) // 

It's finally hit me how difficult it is to be a student athlete in college. For instance, here is a typical day in my life:

7:00 am : wake up 
7:30 am : eat breakfast 
8-12:15 : 3 classes back to back 
12:15 : eat lunch 
12:30 - 5 : practice 
6 pm : dinner 
6:30 - 10 pm : go to library and do homework 
10:30 pm : go to bed 

I basically do this every single day, and on the weekends we have games. I honestly have had zero time for blogging, but i've been trying really had to keep up with my Instagram. I want to make sure I am still giving you guys something. These were some of the pictures that I have posted lately! If you guys don't follow me on my Instagram, then you definitely should @itsmadisonlane ! 

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  1. I feel you on the no time for blogging thing! I'm cringing that it is already the 15th and I only have three posts up! Yikes! Where has the month gone?

    Marie H.
    Progression By Design