Thursday, August 27, 2015

{My social media internship, outfit, & day in my life}

Head-to-toe outfit available at Tuni Winter Park! 

Shorts: Benjamin Jay 
Shoes: Schutz (in store!)

This past summer I have had the amazing opportunity to intern at Tuni's which is a boutique in Winter Park FL. I know that after college I would love to work in social media for fashion, and this internship solidified that. I got the opportunity to run all their social media and take photos for them, but I also learned all about merchandising, styling, buying, and how a boutique is actually run. On top of all of that I actually created a website for them! The website is live at !! So what does a day in the life of a social media intern entail? 

  • Arrive at the store
  • Check inventory for the pieces on our online website to make sure they match what we have in store
  • Add new pieces to our online website 
  • Photograph outfits for social media 
  • Edit photos 
  • Post photos on Instagram and Facebook (1 post daily)
  • Schedule future posts for the days I'm not working
  • Check our social media and reply to comments 
  • Look on social media for any of our brands posting items we have in the store, or if any celebrities or fashion bloggers were wearing items we have and repost it.
Creating a website for them was my main project that I did all on my own. It is definitely something I am very proud of so I would love it if you all went and checked it out!

I truly can say I loved going to work everyday! This was a great start to my career! 

Here are some of the photos that I have taken for them & also check out this video I made for behind the scenes of one of our photoshoots!