Saturday, February 3, 2018

shopping in soho ~ NYC day 2

Jacket (under $40!!) // Turtleneck // Pants: Zara  // Shoes // Sunnies // Bag // 

Day 2 was just as great as day 1! Today's itinerary consisted of shopping in Soho and an unexpected trip to the Brooklyn Bridge! In the beginning we just walked everywhere because this was the way we could see the most of the city. We met up with my friend Emily and we started to make our way downtown. On our walk we came across the Union Square Farmers Market and picked up the YUMMIEST homemade apple cider! We kept on walking, walked through NYU, and made our way to The Butchers Daughter for Brunch. I highly reccomend this restaurant. It was so cute and everyone inside was so trendy it was amazing. 

After brunch we made our way to the shopping area of Soho. I was just so in love with all the buildings I couldn't get over it. I found my new favorite store, Bershka! They had a pop-up shop in Soho and we all fell in love. Pretty sure its apart of the same company as Zara, just cheaper (if thats even possible). The clothes were so trendy, and affordable. 

When we were done shopping in Soho my friend Emily put us on the subway thinking it was taking us to the 9/11 memorial but instead we ended up at Brooklyn Bridge (LOL). But hey we were going to go there the next day so we just decided to go while we were already there. I can confidently say that was my favorite part of the trip!! It was one of the coolest things to walk on, and just being there I felt so happy. We took the subway back to our hotel, chilled for a couple of hours and then met up with my friend Katelyn's cousin in Brooklyn to have dinner and drinks before our concert we were going to that night. We saw the DJ Marshmello in Brooklyn and it was literally so much fun!! Loved every second of it.