Thursday, July 26, 2018

Moving to NYC

The time is finally here. I have dreamt about moving to NYC since I was a little girl, and now one more week and I will be following my dreams and moving to the city! My whole life I have grown up and lived in Florida. Florida was totally fine, but for my dreams when it came to my career Florida was just not going to cut it. All of my jobs that I had in Florida I had to get creative with it, and figure out how I could incorporate what I wanted to do (social media content creation & influencer relations) into a regular retail job. But I knew that working retail was not at all what I wanted to be doing with my life.

A couple of months ago my family decided to move out from Florida to North Carolina. My lease was up in my apartment in South FL so I decided to follow my family and move to Charlotte, NC. I lived with my parents for a couple of months and saved my money like no other because I knew that all I wanted to do was move to NYC (and obviously it is so expensive). After a couple of months passed, (and I felt like I had enough money saved) I decided to make the move!

I was lucky enough to have 3 of my really close friends from Florida all moving to the city around the same time. We found an amazing 4 bedroom apartment in Williamsburg Brooklyn and couldn't pass up this opportunity. I am moving in next Friday, Aug 3rd and I couldn't be more excited!! I will definitely be making more blog posts about my move, and what the experience of moving to the city is like! I am so excited to begin my life and career in New York City and ready to see what this chapter in my life has in store for me.